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My name is Alexis Lamster. I live and work in Brooklyn. I take photos, I eat a lot of food, and watch a fair amount of bad television.

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… a man that was standing on the bus leaned over and picked up what looked like a crumb off the floor of the bus. He then look at it in his fingers, and then ate it.

I can’t express to you how completely horrified I was of this. And it showed all over my face.

  1. edatrix said: eeew.
  2. leaveitatyourlies said: I know what you mean! Hows about, I was standing outside a Noodle Box restaurant & one of the workers came out with a rubbish bag, put it in the bin but then emptied the bag in the bin and took the bag back inside! #NeverEatingThereAgain!
  3. unspokenthoughts82 said: X_X
  4. mylifeinstitches said: I saw a man do the same thing on the MARTA bus with a piece of chocolate. On one hand, I couldn’t blame him, but on the other…ew.
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