V-Neck and a Cardigan

My name is Alexis Lamster. I live and work in Brooklyn. I take photos, I eat a lot of food, and watch a fair amount of bad television.

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Pretty, pretty, pretty good seats at the Giants game.

I hiked the Stanford Dish Trail today… Because apparently that’s what people do in California.

Yesterday’s food tour of Oakland was topped off with with a killer ice cream flight (and curly fries with ranch) at Fenton’s.

FINALLY had tacos. Only took a week on the west coast. (at Cholita Linda)

Well, the view from Oakland Hills is pretty amazing.

Choices, choices…. (at Palantir Technologies)

First team lunch is a strong success. These people know how to order some delicious food. (at Pizzeria Delfina Palo Alto)

Day one!

Stop it Palo Alto, this is actually too cute to handle.

Next stop: three weeks on the west coast.