V-Neck and a Cardigan

My name is Alexis Lamster. I live and work in Brooklyn. I take photos, I eat a lot of food, and watch a fair amount of bad television.

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One of my very favorite Brooklyn apartments. Cc/ @caitlinpagequinn

So… I found my wedding dress today with the help of my mom, sister, and Blaine’s mom!

Lobster role, cole slaw, and homemade potato chips (at Sarabeth’s Tribeca)

Chicken nachos… Because Friday. (at Jolie Cantina)

Enjoying Huckleberry Lemonade and Frozen Zombies with @lanilynne

The thing about living with someone is, you quickly find out what their really great and really bad habits are. Blaine very quickly found out mine… my habit of taking naps in really weird positions all over the apartment. It’s terrible. This photo was taken last night at 9:57pm. Not even 10pm! 

Now, I know I have a history of napping all over the place… but it’s actually gotten to the point where Blaine has a separate photo album of my ridiculous napping positions. 

I guess this is better than being a crazy person to live with at least!

May you see the light and put guacamole on your hotdogs this summer.

Chester is inspired by the #worldcup and will only play fetch by kicking us the ball

Holy shit.

Company outing to Shack Shake. Waiting for the eventual feeling of regret at 2pm.